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Nanyamka Redmond, Ph.D.

Applied Developmental Psychologist

I believe young people have an amazing capacity to grow and THRIVE. The supportive adults in their lives are entrusted with the responsibility to help young people discover their passions, their purpose, and to lead them to their best lives.


About Me

I am Dr. Nanyamka Redmond, Ph.D. I am an expert on supportive relationships and positive youth development. I worked as a high school teacher for 8 years and track and field coach for 12 years. I also have experience as a youth pastor and therapist which gives me a unique perspective and insight into the best practices for adolescent and young adult thriving. I believe in a whole system approach focusing on helping and healing families and communities to ensure the success of all its members. ​I specialize in helping parents, teachers, coaches, and other youth-serving adults, help the young people in their lives to achieve their goals while putting well-being and character development front and center.  

I have conducted research on adolescent social support networks and athletic performance, youth spirituality, and the climate of support in academic institutions. In my spare time, I love playing with my 3 sons ages 4, 2, 1, gardening, going to the beach, running, and cycling. 

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