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Education, Work, and Training


Director of School Partnerships, Character Lab

Responsible for cultivating and maintaining relationships between Character Lab Research Network (CLRN) schools (administrators, teachers, students) and top tier researchers. Strategic development of innovative designs and ideas meant to propel relationships and the organization forward. Leader of a team of school managers. Supporter of team members’ career goals and visions. Instrumental in strategic planning, board meeting preparation, and leadership development. Primary goal of the organization is to advance the science of character development


Principle Investigator

The Impact of the Educational Support Climate on Adolescent Character, Emotional Development, and Academic Performance.


App Curriculum Developer

Worked with team to develop mindfulness/emotion regulation curriculum/activities for the computer/phone-based application CharacterMe (available on iOS and android marketplace). App used for study Context and Framing Effects of Character Interventions in Adolescents and Virtue Interventions. The app will be made available for mass download in the future.

2013- 2017

Research Fellow

Lab leader in a project aimed to understand the impact of patience intervention on adolescent athletes. Managed all major tasks and functions of the project including recruitment and retention. Project leader of the development of all surveys, analyses, and statistics run. Project funded by the Templeton Foundation. Project co-lead in development of creative aspects of the project including embedded video development and app curriculum development and design.

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